Saturday, January 15, 2011

Temp Housing in Abu Dhabi

We made it! Our 15-hour flight from Chicago was fantastic! I'm still surprised - 3 movies, 2 meals, my own pillow and blanket and about 6 solid hours of sleep. We flew on Etihad airlines, which is the National airline of the United Arab Emirates - really nice, even cattle class.

Now, we're in our temporary housing at the Grand Millenium hotel, which also has temp apartments. Here are a few photos.

I know! It's a fabulous apartment with some really nice amenities. We have free wi-fi too, so we're online already, which is really great. Haven't made it out into the city yet - I'm actually posting this as Brian's getting ready so we can head out for some breakfast (it's almost 11:30 here). Jet lag isn't too bad ... yet. ;)

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  1. Hey Renee. I love this blog; I look forward to reading it over breakfast. Your temp digs look really nice. I'm so excited to see the real home when it happens. Quite the culture change, huh? You won't know how to act when you get back to the states! Ha ha!