Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodwill Doesn't Take Hangers

This week has been a whirlwind of packing, sorting and tossing. I was feeling pretty good and then our Realtor stopped by for a walk through. All these nice things I thought I'd leave behind like hangers, cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, some shelves have to go. I guess it makes sense that what I see as a nice gesture might not feel that way to a new home owner. So then I was faced with what to do with all this stuff ... Goodwill! I had to take a load anyway, so I gathered up all the extra hangers (good grief!) and carted them off the GW only to find out that GW doesn't accept hangers. Now what?! Glad I won't be here when the garbage truck comes to find that load!

The Realtor visit also caused my second meltdown of the day. I feel like we are right on schedule, but I think he said, "Wow, you have a lot left to do" at least 3 times during his 30 minute visit, which got me really nervous. After he left, I made a frantic call to Brian (yes, he just loves these) to make sure he would be off tomorrow to help me becuase, "Wow, we have a lot left to do!" Brian probably thinks I've been drinking down the wine cellar. ;)

My first meltdown was about our 19 1/2 year old cat, Tasha. She is not handling all the change this week very well and has been throwing up. Today, she threw up all over herself and had a few issues on the other end as well. As I was cleaning her up, I just burst into tears thinking about the trauma we're putting her through. Yes, she's "just a cat" and will calm down again once she gets settled at Brian's parents, but I think the stress and fatigue just hit me and I lost it.

So, two meltdowns two days before we leave doesn't seem all that bad ... tomorrow should be even more fun! :)

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