Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Showdown with a Mouse

Yesterday, I went to start a load of laundry and when I opened the place to add laundry detergent, there was a little brown mouse sitting there! At first, I thought it was one of Rogue's mouse toys, but no, it was a real live mouse, at which point I screamed for Rogue (my no good city kitty who wouldn't be much help anyway) and eventually slammed the door shut. Yeah, I know, good thinking, scare him into climbing back down into the washing machine!

After a frantic call to Brian ... yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that I had to call my husband to help with a little tiny mouse!! I decided to move the cat food and litter out of the area and put down a mousetrap. But, of course, in all the chaos, I couldn't find a mousetrap, so I moved the food and litter into the kitchen, shut the laundry room door and hoped that little mouse (and heaven forbid his family!) decided to relocate.

After work, Rogue and Brian searched the laundry room, but saw no signs of the mouse. Adventure complete ... so I thought.

This morning I went to get that laundry started and luckily no mouse in sight. When pulling the first load out of the washer however, I found at least 2 cups of cat food pellets in with the clothes! That little bugger must have been hiding cat food in the washing machine! YUCK! So I ran an empty cycle and am now running the clothes back through again. AND, I set out that mouse trap! :)

UPDATE: 1-6-11
Success! The mouse trap worked and we caught the little cat food stealing varmint! And then I refilled the trap just in case he had friends and family staying with him.

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