Monday, January 17, 2011

First Trip to Dubai

NOTE Wed. 1/19: I just realized that due to the time zone difference and I guess the fact that this google app is pulling date and time from the US, that my posts are one day behind. The post below was actually written on Tuesday, 1/18. Interesting.

Yesterday, I made my first trip to Dubai as Brian had some paperwork with the bank and office landlord to take care of. Dubai is about 90 miles from Abu Dhabi and a pretty straight shot on a major highway. In general, Dubai seems a bit more developed and 'shiny'. Unfortunately, the day was overcast (we even saw a little bit of rain!) so the photos make it look a bit dreary (they were also taken from the car window). There will be many more trips and some that are for pleasure, not business, but here's a first glimpse.

This is a good shot of Sheik Zayed Road, which is the main thoroughfare between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

The metro here is relatively new with more stations still under construction.

The building with the Sheiks on the side is where the Epic Middle East office is located.

The 'twisty' building as Brian and I call it - An amazing example of engineering still under construction.

This was a beautiful fountain near the Epic Middle East office. We saw it a number of times as we tried to figure out how to reach the office building! ;)

And this is one view inside the Ibn ... (can't remember) mall in Dubai (one of many malls!) It's HUGE and to help you find your way, it's broken into different geographically themed sections. This shot was in the Egypt section. I'll get some more from this mall as it's just gorgeous (I know I'll be back here! :)

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