Monday, January 24, 2011

A Perfect Day ... at the Dubai Mall!!

Today, Brian had to go to Dubai to attend to some business and the Arab Health Conference, so I tagged along and spent 1/2 a day at the Dubai mall. This is the largest mall in Dubai (probably the world), but isn't the mall with the ski slope (that's the Emirates mall). This one only has an Aquarium and an ice rink. :)

I can barely describe the decadence - think of any designer label - literally ANY designer label and it's in this mall ... Chanel, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Valentino and on and on and on. And the jewelry stores!! OMG!! You cannot imagine the bling in this mall - I'm saving my pennies cuz' at some point in the next 3 years, I wanna buy something in this mall! Actually ... maybe this would be a good way to invest the money we save from the tax breaks we'll have while living here? :)

Since a picture in this case is truly worth a thousand words, here are a few from today's adventure ...

These are paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling - really pretty floating in the breeze.

They call this the waterfall - it falls 3 stories and the sculptures are divers. Really cool.

This is part of the "underwater zoo" or aquarium in the mall. It' has a walkway underneath it that you can pay to walk through. There were 2 divers in the tank just floating - I figure if I can't find a training gig in Abu Dhabi maybe I'll try to get a job here.

This is part of the view from the French cafe where I had lunch.  It was a beautiful sunny day with a high of about 75. 

This is literally my view at lunch. I took the photo while sitting at the table. Gorgeous! The area in front are the fountains at the foot of the Burg Kalifa - the tallest building in the world. 

And this is the Olympic-sized ice rink also inside the mall. You can rent skates here ... maybe my next trip.

Inside the mall, they have a separate area called the gold souk (which means market) that is styled to look like a traditional Arab market. Lots and lots of jewelry stores in here and some pretty amazing decor.

More decor within the gold souk.

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