Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Mail - Parts 2 through 5

Well, we did it! We now have a Post Office box and it only took 5 trips to the Post office. Our second trip provided us with all the documentation we needed to bring back to apply for the box. The third trip we were told "there's no one here who can help you with that" and that we should come back the next morning. The fourth trip (that next morning they suggested) was met with the same response, "there's no one here this morning who can help you, come back this afternoon". We went back in the afternoon and got the same response, but this time Brian described our adventure and that we'd been there 4 times already and "isn't there anyone here who can help us?" "Let me check" was the response. She went in the back and did something and came out with PO box keys, so now we have a box!

Lesson learned: Always ask if there's someone else available to help you. Ask your request a couple of different ways and you might get a different answer. Be persistent, but not rude.

And, if you are interested in sending us anything, here's our new address:

Mr. Brian Stoll or Mrs. Renee Stoll
PO Box 114212
Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.

And, if you have international calling or texting services, here's my mobile number:
+01 971 50 111 0758

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