Friday, December 5, 2014

Munich Christmas Adventure: Hilter and the Beer Hall

One of the stories on our walking tour was about Hitler and his brush with early demise. As many of you probably know, Munich is considered the birthplace of the Nazi movement in Germany. What you might not know is that it is also the birthplace of the Nazi resistance in Germany.

According to this story, Hitler was at one of the famous beer halls one evening spouting his views and rallied around 3000 people to march through the city. Sounds a bit like a drunken bad idea, but hey.

They marched through the town and came across a military road block so turned the corner to avoid it. Unfortunately, the police also saw them and came around to meet them. Shots were fired and Hilter was saved by one of his bodyguards who took 11 bullets to save him. Even more interesting is that the bodyguard survived . . . only to be shot by Hitler later in his campaign (so much for gratitude).

Imagine if just one of those bullets had hit their mark?

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