Saturday, December 13, 2014

Munich Christmas Adventure: The Food!

In the heart of Catholic Bavaria the food is good. The beer is good. The many varieties of mulled wine, cider and run are good. The fact that I didn't bring along stretchy pants is not good!
We started our feasting at an adorable little restaurant just down the street from one of the Christmas markets. It was our first night and we were surprised by the cold. This place was cozy and warm and served meatballs. This photo is of the homemade mustards - honey & curry and gingerbread. They went perfectly with the rabbit, beef & pork and chicken meatball feast.
We didn't try one, but these are stuffed apples - one with chcolate, one with marzipan and the final with rosemary and cheese.
Pretzels everywhere! You can even get them cut in half with butter in between - heaven! I think I had more pretzels this week than in the rest of my life.
Mmmmm, this is pork knuckle. Crispy on the outside (think fried chicken crispy) and oh so tender on the inside. This is a 1/2 knuckle, which we shared with some coleslaw and pretzels. Yum!
And of course sausages. You can see here the foot long brats they were serving. We had a number of different kinds and each really good. With pretzels or rolls or bread. Wow!

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