Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Munich Christmas Adventure: Beer

Yes, there is lots of beer in Munich! Germans were brought up on beer and still tax and consider it a food. A traditional Barvarian breakfast is 2 boiled sausages, a pretzel and a Weiss beer - and I have to say I highly recommend it! :) (Okay maybe only for breakfast while on vacation). Here are some beer facts we picked up along the way.
The head of foam means your beer is fresh and at the right temperature. This idea of ice cold beer is a marketing ploy to help us choke down sub-par beer. Real beer should be served cool but not ice cold so you can taste the flavors. Until commercial refrigeration came along, beer was brewed only in the fall and winter and stored in cellars with blocks of ice to keep it as long into the summer as possible.
Yes, this is breakfast and that's Brian's latte next to my beer. Hey, when in Rome . . .
We also tried Prosecco for breakfast and before you think Brian's innocent, there's a shot of bailey's in that coffee cup!
These were two of our favorites. The one on the left is a Weiss beer (wheat) and the dark one is a barley beer. There is actually a law in Bavaria to regulate the quality of beer that states the beer can only contain wheat or barley, hops and water. Kept things pure and is still the standard to this day. And, I have to say you can tell the difference. The beer here is crisp and clean and supposedly doesn't give you a headache the next morning. No, we didn't drink THAT much to find out!!

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