Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Munich Christmas Adventure: The Castles of King Ludwig II

As part of our adventure, we took a day trip to see two castles built by King Ludwig II - called the Fairytale king and considered a bit crazy as well. It was a big bus tour, which we didn't realise and we hate and it was really foggy so we could barely see the castles. All in all, not our best adventure, but still beats being at work! :)

Despite the overcast day, there were some nice scenic views like the one of this lake.
This is the first "castle". I know, we were disappointed too. Isn't there a size minimum to be considered a castle? The whole thing was a tourist trap. You paid about 15 Euro for a very short 15 minute tour through a bunch of gaudy rooms without being allowed any photos. Very disappointing so we didn't have very high hopes for the next castle.
But I did get to see snow!! First real snow in 4 years so I was thrilled . . . okay maybe not thrilled since it was a small dirty patch in the parking lot, but happy enough to snap a photo!
This is the cute little town at the bottom of the hill of the second castle. Very cute and really good German beer and food. We had a little lunch and then hiked up the hill to the castle.
Now that's what I call a castle. At least that's what it would have looked like had the fog not been so dense that we couldn't see much of anything. You can see how this place would have inspired Walt Disney. 
Here's the actual view that day - not nearly as impressive.
And again, no photos allowed inside. Why is that? Such a disappointment when you pay to go in and then can't take photos. This castle is only about 30% finished as Ludwig died (murder? suicide?) before completion and the country was already in so much debt, they halted all construction a week after his death and never resumed. Now they use it to make money off us gullible tourists.
Cute view coming down the hill from the castle. By now we were tired, cold and damp from the constant drizzle and ready to head back to Munich.

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