Thursday, December 11, 2014

Munich Christmas Adventure: BMW Plant Tour

In between the eating, drinking and merry making, we visited the BMW plant. Munich is the headquarters for BMW (Bavarian Motor Werks) and as such, puts on quite a show. These photos are all from the showroom or BMW World. We also took a 2 hour plant tour, which was amazing but didn't allow any photos.
The Munich plant can produce up to 1000 cars per day. Much of the plant is completely automated and the robots putting things together were amazing to watch.
This is one of the new concept cars. BMW is currently experimenting with different types of materials (a plastic is in the works now), electric cars, lighter frames with better durability. Lots of research.
This is a little BMW classic they drive around the showroom a few times per day. Cute.
My Christmas present? Unfortunately not. :(
This is the delivery area for customers to pick up their new BMWs. They make it a very special and memorable experience. I remember my delivery in Abu Dhabi was pretty awesome - can't imagine how cool it would be to take delivery here. This area is on the second floor of the showroom.
The BMW motorbike section.

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