Friday, August 7, 2015

Scotland Adventure: Stirling Castle

After a day in Edinburgh, we set off on our road trip through the Highlands to Isle of Skye. We planned 4 days for the round trip to give us time to stop along the way and enjoy the scenery. It was an amazing drive (on the other side of the road, I might add).

Day one of our road trip took us through Stirling and a stop at Stirling Castle for our first taste of how Scottish royalty lived. It was a beautiful sunny day but still cool - perfect for our sandblasted, sweaty souls. The castle parking was full so we ended up doing a park and ride approach, which was a bit of a pain but worked just fine. The castle entrance ticket included a free guided tour, which was informative and entertaining. The castle has been restored to try and capture how things really looked when they were in use.
View of the castle from the road coming into town.
A view of part of the town on the road up to the castle.
A view of the countryside from the gun battlements of the castle.
The weather turned perfect about 30 min after we arrived.
A view of the king's receiving chamber - reconstructed of course.
This was part of the King's garden that has now overgrown with grass.
Castle and town cemetery.
And that amazing Scottish countryside. Photos don't do it justice.

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