Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scotland Adventure: Ben Nevis Mountain views

After an amazing fresh seafood dinner and a restful first night near Glen Coe, we were back on the road by 10am and off to the Ben Nevis region. Ben Nevis is a mountain range where we took a gondola ride to see the highlands from, well, up high. First, we stopped in Fort William - a picturesque little town - to check out the visitor center and get some information on our journey. Then it was off to Ben Nevis Adventure park for the gondola ride.
This is downtown Fort William. Very cute with lots of little shops and restaurants. And a great visitor center with tons of information.
While Brian was having a second cup of coffee I wandered past this cute little church. I had to include the photo below because of the bright blue sky. We NEVER see a sky this blue or this clear in Abu Dhabi (and I'm not exaggerating when I say never.)

Brian loves to have his picture taken as you can tell. ;)
So beautiful - the photos don't do it justice, of course. And it's hard to tell how cold this was. We both had on fleece and long sleeve shirts and still shivered on this walk. And remember this is July!

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