Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scotland Adventure: Getting tipsy at the distilleries

No trip to Scotland is complete without a wee dram of whisky and a tour of a distillery. We visited 3 and toured 2 and drank at all 3 and bought 1 (not too bad math, I think). :)

Our first distillery was Ben Nevis and I must have had more than I remember because I could swear I took a photo of the outside, but can't find any now. In any case, it was a bit touristy and they were in quiet season so nothing was up and running - we did get a tour though and a taste and ended up buying a bottle of 12 year old.

The next was Talisker, which is on the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately, we arrived too late in the day to take a tour, but they did still give us a taste. Talisker is a strong, peaty whisky - good for a taste and to warm you up, but too strong for us. Beautiful setting for this one.

Our final distillery visit and our favorite was Dalwhinnie. We had a great tour here and were told this is the coldest place in Scotland. It was July and we were freezing! No wonder they drink all that whisky.

So I wouldn't say we're converted whisky drinkers, but we do have a better appreciation and are enjoying a sip from time to time from our bottle of Ben Nevis. Next we'll have to plan a trip to Ireland so we can compare! :)

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