Monday, August 17, 2015

Scotland Adventure: Portree

At the end of day two we reached our destination, Portree, on the Isle of Skye. Portree is a gorgeous little seaside town with a bustling fishing harbor and some of the most delicious, freshest seafood we have ever had. It was busy and a little crowded since the weather is only kind to tourists for about a month every year, but we enjoyed our time here immensely.
Just a little something they had fresh off the boat that day.
Even overcast the harbor was beautiful.
Next to the pink building is where we had the seafood feast in the first photo!
Gorgeous first evening in Portree. This is from the Cuillin hotel where we had dinner.
Now that's a table view!
We were actually told there was no table for almost 2 hours so we decided to wait in the bar anyway as we'd already been to 3 other restaurants with no luck. We figured we could enjoy the view and the wifi and a drink or two. The manager then came over about 10 minutes later and said he could squeeze us in after all . . . at one of the nicest tables in the restaurant!! We were thrilled (and he got a big tip.)

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