Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prague: Street Performers

Everywhere! Magic tricks, giant bubble makers, singers of all kinds, acrobatics and bizarre and disturbing acts like the guy who could dislocate his shoulders and get an empty tennis racket over his head all the way to his waist. I can't imagine they make enough to live on, but who knows?
God only knows what this guy was doing. He was out there every day and spoke in this squeaky annoying voice. Can't imagine he pulls in much cash.
These guys were cool. I saw them when they first unveiled and watched as the crowd slowly grew. Hung around for about 10 minutes waiting to see them come out of it, but they didn't so I moved on. Saw two more couples with the same trick a few days later. And unfortunately within a block of one another. This first pair was amazing to me, but after I saw two more, wasn't as impressed.
This guy built his own one man band. Too bad he's a terrible musician! :)
These guys were great! They played rock and were quite good. Stairway to Heaven was our favorite.

There were many more, but photographing them encourages bad behavior. :) One thing I don't get are those who simply paint themselves silver or gold and just stand there. Really? That's a talent? Maybe I've just seen it too many times to be impressed any longer.

Lots and lots of singers and some were even good. The problem is they all seemed to play the same songs. And since they were right out our apartment window in Old Town Square, the whole thing started to lose its luster. If I hear Alleluia one more time . . .

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