Thursday, August 14, 2014

Budapest: Other random gorgeous-ness

As you can probably tell, we loved Budapest. It's a really beautiful city with gorgeous views, history and culture everywhere you look. After 3 1/2 years in the sparkly, new and sometimes surreal Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this quieter, more mature and rich historical city was just what we needed. Here are some remaining photos I just had to share.

The story is that this statue was set up to keep an eye on a known den of thieves across the street and the that if you rub his belly, mustache or ears, you will have good fortune.
 An art of a gelato cone. They make little flower shapes out of their ice cream!

This is one of the lions at the entrance of the Charles Bridge. The story goes that the builder of the bridge was quite boastful about how perfect it was. At the unveiling, a spectator remarked that the lions had no tongues and the builder was so distraught he threw himself off the bridge into the water. Lucky for him, they pulled him out and he survived.
Random gorgeous protestant church on the Buda side.

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