Sunday, August 10, 2014

Budapest: Matthias Church

In the same area as Fisherman's Bastion is the Mathias Church. The church is Roman Catholic and was founded in 1242 by King Bela IV after the Mongol invaders left Hungary. It's gone through many restorations and reconstructions over the years and is a very unique and interesting church.
As you can see, it was another gorgeous day. We did actually experience some rain and a few downpours (which we really enjoyed now that we live in a dry sandpit!) but this day was perfect - not too hot, nice and sunny and clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds.
Here's the main altar of the church. If you zoom in you can see the unique decoration on the walls - I hadn't seen this before and found it really interesting.
 A closer view of the altar.
 This is a view of the ceiling architecture from the balcony areas - really beautiful.
 And some of the stained glass - so hard to get a decent photo of a stained glass window.

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