Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prague: Folklore Days Festival

After unpacking, Brian settled in for a snooze and I went exploring. There was so much racket coming from the square below, I had to find out what was going on. Here's what I found:
Mmmmmm, roasting ham - must come back for slab of that good stuff!
What's this massive crowd of people looking at?
 And what's with all the funny costumes? Is this how the people of Prague dress every weekend?
Hmm, this looks like some kind of parade.
And a strange one at that!
I figured out after I got home and googled that I stepped into the middle of the Prague Folklore Days Festival. Dance and music groups from around Europe gather and there is a competition. This was the parade after most of the competitions and the last day of the festival. 

 Some of the groups stopped and put on a little performance for the crowd.

And some really took their folklore seriously - all the way down to the funny socks and wooden clogs. I particularly like the guy next to him wearing Birkenstocks!
This Swiss group actually played the horns, but I was too far away for a video.

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