Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hungary: Szentendre

Our last stop on our day tour was Szentendre, a cute little town on the Danube that is home to many artisans. Actually, I think it might only be 'open' during the day for tourists. It was cute, but really just a cobbled stone street of shop after shop selling the same cheap souvenirs. We did have a nice beer overlooking the river, though, and tried the Hungarian liquor called Unicum. Unicum is a nasty, bitter herbal liquor that'll make your eyes water. When Brian ordered it, the nearby table of Brits had a look and laughed when they saw Brian's face after he tried it. Turns out they had tried it the day before and had the same reaction. Suffice to say we didn't bring any home with us!

Sad about the graffiti. Such a cute little alley.
Our guide said the houses here don't have basements so storage is in the attic. This was a shop so all their inventory was stored in the roof area so they made them really high to increase their storage.

One of the 'attractions' in Szentendre is the Marzipan museum. Yes, that's right. Mickey is made completely of Marzipan. Why? . . .  ya got me. We opted NOT to pay the fee to see the rest of the museum so missed the life-sized marzipan Michael Jackson. I know, we're already regretting it! :)

The blue metal arch you see in the center there is a mister. It was a hot day so the town had installed two of these misters - one at each end of the main street. We walked through a few times to cool off.

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