Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Phuket Adventures: Tiger by the tail

We visited Tiger World against our better judgement, but did get some fun photos of Brian with one of the big kitties.

Tiger World is a bit of a racket and we probably shouldn't have contributed to the place, but we were looking for something to do and decided to pop in. Unfortunately, a mix up with timings and tickets kept me from getting in the cage with the littlest tigers, but Brian got his own photo shoot with one of the big guys.

Here kitty kitty ...

They say the tigers aren't drugged and from our two cats at home, I do believe them - those kitties can snooze the day away. This guy didn't seem to care one wit that Brian was in there.

This one gives you a sense of his size. Beautiful animal.

And here's one of the 2-month old babies. I was supposed to be in there, but we ran out of time due to a communication error. At least I got a bit of a look through the fencing.  Too cute.

So while we have some cool photos, I'm not proud that we visited. It just didn't feel right. Too many animals in such a small space and all of them in small cages. They seem to be breeding them for this business only. Once a cat like this is raised in captivity, they can't be reintroduced to their natural habitat so why have them keep breeding? Rescue tigers I completely understand, but growing the streak (yes, that is the correct term for a group of tigers) doesn't seem like anything more than a money making scheme.

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