Saturday, May 21, 2016

Phuket Adventure: Cocktail school

In my last post, I confessed we were too "busy" to go to the Blue Elephant cooking school. Well, another confession is that this was partly because we opted for the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery cocktail workshop instead!

What a fun afternoon (and that's not just the 3 rum cocktails talking!). We had a wonderful guide? teacher? bar tender? named Pim who was so excited and cute that we considered going back again just to hang out with her.

Here is our workstation. Cocktails are so easy when all the ingredients are laid out for you It's like being in the middle of a cooking show. Our first drink was the classic Mojito. And they were delicious!
A proud student!

We took our Mojitos and got the first installment of the Rum Distillery tour. Unfortunately, they no longer allow photos as supposedly someone on a previous tour used the photos to get in touch with their suppliers or something.

In any case, we learned a bit about making rum and the fact that Chalong Bay uses pure sugar cane for their rum as opposed to a mix of sugar cane and processed molasses. And it really does taste different - less bite than Bacardi.

Back to class for our second cocktail (sorry no photos, must have been getting tipsy) which was a combo of rum, lime juice, ginger and chili pepper. I'm not a fan of anything spicy, but these were good.

Off to our second installment where we saw the distillation process and storage.

And our final cocktail - Pina Colada. Neither of us are huge fans of the PC, but this was drink 3 so it went down pretty smoothly! :) And was such a lovely presentation.

And then, just tipsy enough to fall for the merchandise portion of the tour. All of their bottles are hand labeled by a small group of ladies in their warehouse. We came home with a small bottle of rum and a bottle of their homemade lime syrup. YUM!

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