Saturday, May 7, 2016

Adventures in Phuket, Thailand

What?! You didn't think we'd stop with the vacations, did you? We actually had this one booked before Bristol was confirmed and since my company won't allow a payout of unused vacation . . . here we are.

We've been to Phuket twice before as it's an easy trade with our Hawaii time share. We stay at the Marriott Beach Resort in Mai Kao, which is away from the towns and the crazy tourist/club scene in a beautiful area of the country. But due to ticket availability, we're staying our first night a bit south of Patong at the Le Meridian and then driving to Mai Khao the following day after massages at our favorite massage place.

Yep, we're driving! Brian decided he wanted to rent a car to give us a bit more mobility - taxis are expensive and a pain to find at our secluded resort. Plus, he needs some additional practice driving on the left! :) So with an unlimited data plan and GPS, we headed out. Not too bad as most of the roads are divided highway - it's those roundabouts you gotta watch out for!

I got a couple of nice shots of Phuket from the plane. About 5:30pm so seeing some of the sunset.
Le Meridian pool at night.

Hmmmm, give me a sec - gotta go check the weather report . . .

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