Sunday, June 5, 2016

Unemployed - Day one

So I showered today. And brushed my teeth. Now, it wasn't until 3:30 in the afternoon, but hey, I think that's pretty good for my first day of unemployment. Thursday was my last day at work so I'm now a deadbeat until we move to Bristol and someone gives me a job. It's a nice feeling for now, but I know I'll be stir crazy within the month.

I'm currently keeping busy getting things organized for our move. To do lists are everywhere as are boxes. We're trying to minimize what we ship from Abu Dhabi to Bristol as we want to also ship some things from the US. We've had a storage locker there for over 5 years now and it's time to move some of that stuff with us.

And that means I'm listing a bunch of misc stuff on our community For Sale Facebook page. Now in so many ways, this little page is a godsend because we live in the middle of the desert so no one from Dubai or Abu Dhabi is going to drive out here for some used furniture and kitchen items. In other ways, it's a total pain in the ... Here's a typical exchange:

Them: Hi, is it still available?
Me: Yes (I just posted it two seconds ago - of course it's still available)
Them: How much?
Me: 100 dirhams (just like it says in the posting)
Them: Can you hold it for me until tomorrow? I would like to look and then maybe I'll take it.
Me: I can't hold it, but if it's still available tomorrow, you're welcome to look. 

(radio silence for 3 days)

Them: Hi, is it still available?
Me: Yes
Them: How much?
Me: 100 dirhams (just like the last time you asked)
Them: Okay
(Me: Okay? What does that mean? You want it, you don't want it? Ugh)

And it goes on and on like this. I've had people stand me up for specific times after I'd changed my plans to accommodate them. I've had people low-ball the price so badly, that I've wanted to ignore them completely and I've had people walk in and then practically snoop around on their own asking if I have anything else for sale. One woman asked if I had any other items for 5 dirhams. It's been an interesting cultural experiment. Indian and Arab cultures definitely haggle and haggle hard (but of course so do I). Asian and Western cultures tend to take the price as is, assuming that I've already listed things pretty low. And the Eastern Europeans seem to be the worst for promising to come and then not showing up. Of course, my sample size isn't large enough to validate any of this, but it is pretty funny to see some of the stereotypes play out.

So despite my first world problem, it is a lot easier than having to move the stuff ourselves or get pennies for it from a second-hand furniture place so I'll just think of it as an adventure and carry on.

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