Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Seychelles Adventure: Takamaka Rum Factory

Hmmm, a Rum factory? Of course we're going! We actually had a nice tour of the place - very small - and then got to taste some of their rum. Unfortunately the restaurant wasn't open for lunch as it was a really beautiful setting and would have been nice to hang out there for a bit and enjoy.
This is the waiting area for the tour. A cute little house with a fancy sitting room.
They grind all the sugar cane by hand. It hardly looks like enough for the operations, but it's a small outfit.
This is the raw sugar cane juice before getting filtered and distilled.
They store the rum in French oak barrels like this one.
Takamaka makes 5 varieties (and we got to taste them all!)
Out behind the 'factory' they have a large garden with a bunch of different herbs and spices and a historic ruin (can't remember what the ruin was - a house I suppose).
The forgotten ruin . . . literally.
And this guy is a fruit that has lots of good healing properties but smells absolutely vile! Kind of like gorgonzola cheese left out in the sun.  Even our guide wasn't willing to touch it with her bare hands for fear they would smell the rest of the day!

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