Friday, May 30, 2014

Seychelles Adventure: Day Trip to La Dique Island

The Seychelles is a collection of many islands. We were staying on Mahe for the week, but were advised not to miss a trip to La Dique and Praslin. This post is about La Dique and I'll write another for Praslin, even though they were both part of the same day tour.
Coming into the harbor - it was a perfect day for the trip. And since we were visiting in rainy season, we felt quite lucky for such a sunny day.
There are very few cars on La Dique as they are trying to preserve the natural  way of living. So, this ox cart was our transportation around the island - don't worry, we didn't have very far to go!
Not to be morbid, but it would be a lovely place to 'rest in peace' don't you think?
Feeding the tortoises.
Tiny island, but still really diverse with some nice rock formations in island.
Unfortunately, the tide was out so we didn't get the view (or the dip in the ocean) we would have liked. Even so, a nice relaxing spot to kick back for a while.

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