Sunday, May 25, 2014

Seychelles Adventure: Indian shops and getting lost

Last December, we spent 5 days in the gorgeous Seychelles with our best friends. It was hot, steamy and oh so green (especially coming from the sandbox!).

We arrived and picked up our rental car - a small, boxy thing that barely fit the four of us and our luggage. Confident we could navigate the small island, we set off in search of lunch, a sim card for the phone and our villa.

Shortly after leaving the airport, we found a little area of  town with some shops so pulled in to see if we could find a sim card. We were told to go to the "Indian shops" and they will have one.

Indian shops? What exactly does that mean? We looked for a group of shops named "Indian" but of course found nothing of the sort. Eventually, we figured out that these were little corner shops owned by Indians. Well, we found one, but they didn't have the right size sim card so no luck there. We did eventually visit the local Telecom office and get set up. Only to find out that internet service was down . . . across the ENTIRE island! We just laughed.

The other funny moment was as we were driving around, we saw "a bus station?". We all speculated on what the terminal looking building was until one of us finally realized it was the airport!! We had made a complete circle and were right back where we started. Things were not looking good!

But we did find some lunch and eventually our villa, which was gorgeous and overlooking the beach. Settled at last, we broke out the cards for a game of 500.

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