Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seychelles Adventure: Island Tour

We decided to start our adventure with an island tour - in part to get our bearings and to get some local flavor. We signed up for a tour with Discovery Agri Tour based on ratings from Trip Advisor. While not exactly what we expected, we did have a great day exploring some of the lesser known parts of the island and learning tons about the flora and fauna.

This is a skink - very tiny, cute little thing that looks a bit like a lizard. I think the name is cool.
I wish I could name all the beaches in these photos, but despite our guide's constant quizzing, I don't remember. In hindsight, I should have asked Brad to guest-blog as he probably remembers them all! :)

Yep, they really are that beautiful. And half the day was cloudy so that makes the photos even more impressive.

A trip to the local market - now that's fresh fish!!

Okay, this guy, not so cute, but pretty impressive. from leg to leg, he's about the span of your palm. We were told he isn't poisonous.

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