Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inside the Burj Al Arab

I was looking through some photos and ran across a few from our brief visit to the Burj Al Arab last year. And, since there's not much happening here right now, I thought I'd share.

We went there because I had a Groupon for a haircut and color at the salon. For those who don't know, the Burj Al Arab is a 7 star hotel in Dubai and one of the iconic buildings of the area.

You can only get inside if you have reservations for the salon, one of the restaurants, or are a hotel guest. We took advantage of my scheduled appointment to arrive early and have a look around.

This is one of the little salons where you can have a coffee. The interior is done is bright primary colors. Not quite what I was expecting, but very classy.

Outside one of the restaurants. You can't get a sense of the scale from the photo, but this coffee urn is the size of the doorway.

The lobby at the entrance. You can get a sense of the color scheme and the circular theme of the decor.

Dancing fountain at the top of the staircase that's shown in the next photo.

A cool view from the stop of the stairs and looking down the dancing fountain. Straight across you can see one of the coffee shops.

And that's about all we saw. We're thinking that some day we'll have to make reservations for tea and indulge in the ultimate experience.

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