Monday, April 22, 2013

Back in Phuket Paradise

Yep, we're on vacation again. Actually, it's been about 5 months, which is actually quite a long stretch for us. :)

We decided to return to Phuket, Thailand, which is where we took our last vacation. A very strange decision for us. We don't often return to a place twice and certainly not in a row like this. The decision was partly driven by our time share options - there aren't a whole lot of places on this side of the world that give us an equal trade for our time share week in Kauai in Hawaii. In addition, I think we were looking for something easy and really lazy. It's been a tough five months for me at work and desperate for a break doesn't begin to cover it.

So, here we are, eating good food, enjoying the sunshine, the pools, the beach and scheduling some scuba diving. We're staying at the same resort (Marriott) so we know how everything works and where everything is. It's actually a little strange and takes some of the adventure out of it, but we are finding it really easy and relaxing.

Today's agenda?
  • Coffee and breakfast at the local coffee shop
  • A little research on the 'Big Buddha' and car rentals - thinking about a day trip to some of the island sights we didn't see last time
  • An adventure out on the hobie cat sailboats that are available at the resort
  • A bit of laziness by the pool or on the beach and probably a drink (or two!)
  • Dinner
Not a bad plan.

Hmmm, the pool or the beach - let's hope that's our toughest decision to make today.

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