Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Runaway

If you've read my previous post about the cats behaving badly ... okay, actually if you've read any of my posts about our youngest cat, Petra, you know that she's a naughty little thing. Full of energy and mischief, she keeps Rogue on her toes and us wondering what she'll get up to next.

What we didn't expect was that she would make a break for freedom.

Both cats love to be outside in our little garden area.
We do! We love it out here!
And so, when the weather is nice like now, we let them out for most of the day on the weekends when we're at home. There's a wall around the garden and while they could probably make it to the top of the wall, it's quite a leap off the other side and neither have ever really seemed interested.

Until the day of the escape ...

I looked out the window to see Petra walking along the wall. Thinking to scare her back inside, I went out and made a big noise and yelled at her ... and over the other side she went.

Brian then came out and went over the wall himself to try and get her. The closer Brian got, the farther away she ran until she jumped a neighboring compound's wall and went up and over their fence.

Like a typical cat, she went over a wall we knew she'd never be able to get back over and home again, so Brian set out to go looking for her in the neighboring compound. He printed a few flyers and talked to the neighbors whose wall she jumped over. Luckily, they are cat people too and promised to keep a look out.

So, all that afternoon, evening and night we worried that our naughty little kitten would again become a stray in Abu Dhabi. We called for her, Brian went back to the compound to look again, but no luck.

The next morning, Brian made the rounds again and we finally decided that we would just have to wait and let her come back, if she could, on her own time.

And then the phone rang ...

Our neighbors found her curled up under a tarp on one of their patio chairs and they were able to carry her inside into one of their bedrooms. We came over with the cat carrier and got her safely home.

And do you think we got one tiny thank you for all of that effort? Not a chance, the devil was tormenting Rogue within the hour.
I TOLD them they should have just let her go, but no one listens to me.

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