Monday, March 11, 2013

When your cat behaves badly

We love our cats, but sometimes ...

Our youngest, Petra, is a sassy little thing and has conveniently forgotten that we rescued her from a life of limited food, hot outdoor conditions and constant fear of being run over. Instead of eternal gratitude, her attitude is more like "what have you done for me lately". We have to conintuously remind ourselves that:
a) she's still a kitten and will probably calm down in another year or so
b) she's a stray and not used to trusting people
c) she's a brutal carnivore that enjoys playing with her food

The other day, I was sitting on the couch writing one of my blog posts and Brian was at the table on the phone with a co-worker trouble shooting some computer issue they were having. I had my iPod going with my earbuds in and was facing away from the table.

Suddenly, Brian put his phone on mute and called out to me. I turned around and he was holding a mangled dead bird that Petra had brought in from outside. It was very dead so we're pretty sure she didn't kill it herself was just having a grand old time chasing it around the apartment. The most amazing thing is that neither of us noticed that she had brought the bird inside ... until after she had thoroughly enjoyed playing with the thing. Brian said he finally noticed as something was floating up from the other side of the table. Petra was tossing the bird in the air and batting it around like crazy.

Well, let's let the photos speak for themselves ...

There are also a few bird blood streaks now on the dining room wall, but I'll spare you any more photos of the carnage.

When Petra was confronted with this mess, her only response was, "Hey, I was bored." Rogue was overheard muttering, "I told you she was trouble."

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