Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi

As mentioned, Brian's parents and godparents visited us in Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks in January. One of the highlights of their trip was the Falcon Hospital and Brian went along with them. A fascinating place and a well run tour that ended with a nice Arabic lunch. Here are a few photos from the adventure.
When they first arrived, they were taken to a waiting room of sorts where they got to see some of the falcons coming in for the day. The Emirati above let them take his photo with these two falcons.

The falcon hospital is a mix of hospital and day spa for the birds. They got to see some medical treatments, like repairing a wing and also some cosmetic treatments like trimming their claws and beaks. Unfortunately, Brian didn't take a lot of photos so I only have these, but if you see the Stolls or Vickers as them to show you some of their photos - really cool.

Here's one falcon hooded. Similar to the blinders for horses, they are used so the bird doesn't get overwhelmed and upset. Last thing anyone would want is an upset falcon in a closed space!

They were told that some of the wealthier Emirati families have more that 200 falcons and bring them in for treatments 15-20 at time over a period of weeks. WOW! I can't even imagine where one would keep so many birds.

The hospital also has a aviary where the birds can fly and get some exercise. Next set of visitors, I'm definitely going myself!

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