Thursday, February 28, 2013

When your guests behave badly

In January, Brian's parents and godparents came for two weeks to visit the sandbox. It was absolutely fabulous to see all of them and show them around this place we currently call home. And, of course, I have a few stories to share from the trip! :)

The time zone shift is always a bit of challenge as Abu Dhabi is 10 hours ahead of Wisconsin so for the first few days when Brian & I were ready to call it a night, our guest were still going strong. One of the first evenings together, we went out for Lebanese food downtown at the Lebanese Flower and returned to the hotel about 10pm. Brian and I said goodnight and made plans for the next morning, assuming everyone would head to bed for a good night's sleep.


The girls decided that the Ladies Night at the bar next door sounded like a better idea. We had discussed ladies nights earlier so they knew that many of the bars in town invite ladies to drink free on specific nights of the week.

So they walked in ordered a couple of Margaritas and once finished, left the bar. As you'll see below, they had a fun time.
The story gets interesting the next day as we were discussing their adventure. The conversation went something like this:
Renee: So, how was ladies night?
Guests: Great. We had two drinks and had a nice time.
Renee: What drinks did they serve for ladies night?
Guests: What?
Renee: What were the free drinks they offered you?
Guests: What?
Renee: Well, usually the bar offers something specific to the ladies and that's their free drink.
Guests: (silence)

It seems we never discussed the finer points of ladies night so they thought they could have any drink on the menu for free. They ordered their drinks, finished them and then walked out of the bar back to the hotel.

Their thievery was later confirmed when we were at that bar for dinner about a week later and asked the waiter how their ladies night worked. Come to find out, they offer 3 different vodka drinks for free.
Guests: Do you ever offer Margaritas?
Waiter: No ma'am, just the cocktails - strawberry, lemon or pomegranate
Guests: (silence)

So, now we know two things:
1) why alcohol is so expensive in Abu Dhabi
2) why the bartender kept giving them dirty looks

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