Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phuket Adventures: Diving off Phi Phi Islands

Yes, I'm finally back to the blog and while I could make up some interesting stories of what's kept me away, the sad truth is that work has been really busy and has sucked my will to write. So, let's just get on with it and see if I can get my mojo back!

I was appalled to realize I STILL haven't finished my posts on Phuket, a trip we took in early December. We did some diving in Phuket - not as much as we would have liked (see the tailor story) but had a really nice day diving the Phi Phi islands.

Like most dive trips, we were up before dawn to catch the shuttle bus to the boat dock. Unfortunately, the dive sites were at the opposite end of the island so it was an hour drive to get to the dive shop. We dove with Sea Bees and they were fantastic! Super safe, organized and clean and one of, no the nicest dive boat we have ever been on. We found out later that the boat was custom made for diving so it had lots of room for your gear, a fresh water shower and toilet, a true dry area to store cameras and sunglasses, etc. and then a nice little bar area where they served lunch and snacks between dives. The best part was out the front, which had padded cushions to sit on and was covered so you could have some shade.  Here are a few pics:

 Two of the dive dudes from Sea Bees. Really good dive masters with some good knowledge of the area and Thai culture.
 A view of our first dive site from the boat. Unfortunately, neither Brian nor I are very interested in underwater photography so you'll just get photos from the boat.
One of the beautiful islands that make up the Phi Phi island chain. The day was perfect as you can see here. Sunny, warm and calm seas - just how we like it!
 Another shot of another of the islands. This was taken earlier in the morning so it looks a bit overcast.
Simply gorgeous. In fact, we liked Phuket so much and felt like we didn't really experience all it had to offer so we're heading back for a week in April.


  1. Glad you had some fun in Thailand...consider looking into Krabi - across the bay from Phuket. Top's sister recommended it last time we went and it was really fun. - more mountainous. There was a really neat looking hotel with a private beach...might have only been accessible by boat. If you are interested in that or other recommendations for Phuket, I can ask my sister-in-law. Just let me know.

  2. Thanks Elly. We're going back to Phuket as we can trade our time share there with Marriott. We will look into Krabi - maybe a day trip?