Monday, January 21, 2013

Phuket Adventures: Patong Beach

Patong Beach is where the tailor was located (see previous post) and if you've read that post, then you know we spent quite a large portion of our vacation in the town.  Here are a few photos of our adventures in Patong Beach.

We got a little lost trying to find the tailor (I know, shocking that we got lost) so stopped at a Starbucks for some wifi so we could check the directions again and a map. As we were sitting there, this truck drove by with music blaring and a very loud announcement about Thai boxing.
Another view of the street. As you can see, it's pretty relaxed, dirty and come what may. A far cry from the pristine, sparkly and austere Abu Dhabi. No dress code here, that's for sure!
I was trying to take a photo of the McDonald's and the Christmas tree as a Tuk Tuk drove past. I like the way the photo turned out.
 Even Ronald McDonald knows the proper Thai greeting!
Thailand is very proud and very fond of their king so there are shrines like this all over the country. This was one of the biggest ones we saw. They always include a picture of him and often with his wife and there is always a lot of gold and blue and flowers. I never did find out the significance of the colors.
This is one of the many seafood restaurants along the beach road. Fresh fish that you pick out yourself and have grilled to your specifications. 
Tried to get Brian to buy a pair, but he's no fun at all!
Somehow it doesn't look as dirty at night. :)

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