Friday, November 30, 2012

China Adventure: The Great Wall via Beijing Sideways

Last and, in my opinion, the best post about our China Adventure. At the advice of some friends, we booked a tour with Beijing Sideways to take us to the Great Wall of China. There are other cheaper options, but none as cool and none that allow you to hike the Great Wall alone.

Beijing Sideways is different because ... you travel by motorcycle sidecar!
It was a little chilly so they had these really thick warm lined military coats and mittens for us to wear in the car. The shield on the helmets helped too.

Our first stop was a lovely Buddhist temple where we had a short hike (to get us prepared our guide, Theo, told us) and a stop for coffee and snacks.

Another 30 minutes or so and we were at a remote section of the wall. Which, incidentally had signs saying "no trespassing". We assume Beijing sideways has negotiated some kind of an arrangement. :)
And then we were hiking on the Great Wall of China. AMAZING! This thing is soooo long and sooo steep, it's hard to imagine it being built and guarded full time. We hiked for a while and then stopped at one of the towers for lunch, which our guide had carried up with him. Wine, cheese, chicken, fruit and even cake for dessert. And through it all, the never ending view of the wall. It was a beautiful day too, which made it even more special.

Yep, it was as steep as this photo looks in places. Luckily, we were hiking up and this is a shot from the top. Our route down wasn't quite so scary.

An amazing day!

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