Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Adventure: Getting to Beijing

Our adventures in China continued with a high speed train ride from Shanghai to Beijing. The Chinese are very proud of their train system and have every right to be. The trip was on time, clean, efficient and the service and food was fantastic!

Unfortunately, the day was foggy and overcast so we didn't see as much of the countryside as we had hoped. Even so, the 5 hour trip was comfortable and probably less hassle that trying to get there by plane.
 Spacious, clean and comfortable. And we were in 2nd class.

 Our little snack bag. It had dried bacon, sour apple, some mints and candy and wasabi peanuts. We also got tea, orange juice and a lunch of rice, meat and vegetables.

 We even got a pair of slippers to wear around the train!

Nuclear plant on the way to Beijing.

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