Sunday, November 11, 2012

China Adventure: The Bund

It was time for lunch so we headed to an area of Shanghai called the Bund. It's basically a boardwalk area that overlooks the part of the city called Pu Dong, which is famous for the Pearl Tower. Lots and lots of people milling about and some nice shops and restaurants. A fun area - too bad it was so overcast.

A view of the Pu Dong area of Shanghai.
This photo gives you a sense of the boulevard and the amount of people out and about that day. Our guide told us that all the people on the street were "fresh". She meant that they were tourists from other parts of China and not residents of Shanghai. :)
People doing I'm not sure what on the top of the Pearl TV tower.
The Pearl Tower. Had we had another day in the city, we would have tried to go up to the top. I'm sure the view up there is amazing, especially at night.
Just behind this beautiful memorial was where we had lunch. Real Chinese food is a million times better than we get from the places in the States. I was continuously impressed with the food even when I had no idea what I was eating. :)

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