Thursday, October 13, 2011

So how is the weather?

It's been a good week, the weather is getting cooler, I've got a few projects getting started at work, our garden is back to normal (almost) and we got to fill out the census.

While that last one is true, it hasn't amounted to anything yet. A few weeks ago, I opened our apartment door to find a professional looking envelope. Kind of curious as we were home all day and no one rang the bell. I opened it to find forms for the 2011 Census. Interesting. Hadn't heard a thing about it, but okay. I opened it, read through the instructions and filled out the form, which was pretty basic and pretty much like the one back home. I tried to then figure out how and when to send it, but the plan is that someone will come by later to collect your responses. The next day, the paper had an article explaining that census takers would be around sometime in October (toting iPads no less) to capture your responses ... I guess the forms were just so you could practice answering the questions. :) Well, we're still waiting, and yes, I know October's not over yet so maybe they'll be by in the next couple of weeks, we'll see. The funny (aka typical) thing is the lack of communication - in the States we start hearing about the Census months in advance and are bombarded with reminders and requests to fill it out. Here, we got them forms THEN an article in the newspapers and a few adds on the radio and then nothing. Maybe they don't have to cajole people to complete it here?

The weather is actually getting better - the humidity has dropped and my plan today is to put the clothes drying rack back out onto the patio so we can get our office back. The temperature has dropped about 10 degrees F, which means it's in the low 90s now, but you'd be surprised what a difference that makes. By the time it drops another 10, I'll have to wear a sweater! ;) We had a huge sandstorm the other night, but either the TV was too loud or it never made it as far as our place because I missed it - too bad, sounds like it was a good one.

And, our garden is slowly coming back around. If you haven't been keeping up, we struggled with the garden area all summer - first not enough water, everything died, then too much water, we had mold, then the water stopped altogether and everything died again. While we were in the US, the gardeners came by and replaced all the dead stuff and fixed the water timer so everything is now green and growing. That, coupled with the cooler weather means things are looking pretty good at the moment - another month as things start to fill in a bit and I'll post some photos. Rogue, as you can imagine, is in heaven. She gets 15-30 minutes out there each night and loves sniffing around and finally plopping herself right in the sand to smell the flowers and watch the birds.

Enjoy your weekend!

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