Sunday, October 2, 2011

British Vocabulary Quiz

As an American from the Midwest and a lover of language and accents, I've gotten a kick out of comparing how we, in the US, and they, in the UK, speak English. I've learned a few new vocab words while at coffee mornings and while playing Mahjong and thought I'd test you all with this short quiz (answers at the end). Enjoy! ;)

A)  If you put something in the boot, where would you be putting it?
  1. in the kitchen pantry
  2. in the trunk of your car
  3. in the back of the garage
B)  If you tell someone you are gobsmacked, you mean you are?
  1. really angry
  2. really frustrated
  3. really surprised
C)  Where are you going if off to the loo?
  1. the bathroom
  2. the patio
  3. the bar
D)  Pants refers to which part of your outfit?
  1. trousers
  2. underwear
  3. athletic shorts
E)  Nappies are?
  1. cat naps
  2. napkins
  3. diapers
F)  A Swimsuit is called?
  1. swimming costume
  2. swimming suit
  3. swimsuit

There are lots more, but since you're probably starting to get bored, I'll get to the answers.
A) 2;  B) 3;  C) 1;  D) 2;  E) 3;  F) 1


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