Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Starting last weekend and running into the next is the 5th Annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Like most film festivals, this one has short films, documentaries, features and other events to round out the festival. They've set up a red carpet down on the Corniche complete with film stars. From the US came Topher Grace (that 70s show), Evan Rachel Wood and others who I didn't recognize.

We went on Friday night to the first show at the new outdoor venue at the Fairmont hotel. It was a beautiful venue with a view of the Grand Mosque. They had built this amazing screen and made quite a show of raising it before the movie started (everything's a production here of course!) Here are a few pics. And apologies that there aren't more - I forgot the camera at home so had to rely on Brian and his camera phone. And I obviously didn't give him specific enough instructions on what to take pictures of. :)

There was a snack bar and area to buy sodas and the chairs were relatively comfy for outdoors. It was warm, but there was a really nice breeze the entire night, so it was very comfortable. The only thing not enjoyable about the experience was the film itself. We saw a Swedish film called Stockholm East and while it was well done and acted, it was extremely sad and depressing.

We decided to go out for a drink after the show and we were both a little crabby after such a depressing film. Guess I'll look for a comedy next time. 

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