Thursday, August 25, 2011

Workin' 9 to 5

Almost exactly 8 months to the day I sent my first CV out in UAE, I'm starting a new work adventure. I think the last time I posted an update, I was hoping to get a job offer from both Etihad Airways and Du Telecom. Well, Du never did come through for me - I think they wanted more local experience and that always kicks me out of the game. so, I am thrilled to report that I'll be the Manager of Leadership Development for Etihad Airways!! Yep, I got security clearance, have signed my employment contract and start work on Sunday, September 4th.

I'm super excited to be heading back to work full time and in the leadership development area. While I have done some fun things and met some incredible women during my 8 month break, the break has also taught me that the housewife gig is just not for me. I guess I'm just the kind of lazy lout that needs structure and external forces to prevent me from becoming a bored blob! :) I will very much miss my Mahjong Tuesdays, however, and all the other women I've met over the months that have helped me stay sane.

I've only met with Etihad twice so still don't know much about the position I'll be taking, but a few things have come to light so far.
  • I report to the VP of Training & Development and will not have any direct reports, which will be interesting since I've managed a team for the last 11 years. I wonder if I'll like that I'm completely on my own or will miss managing others?
  • Etihad has a leadership development infrastructure and curriculum now and they'd like me to review it and make some recommendations based on what they'd like it to accomplish. It's been described to me as a little ahead of where they are as a company currently.
  • Work hours are roughly 42 hours per week per my contract, but of course, it's like any other salaried management position where you put in the hours you need to get the job done.
  • And of course the benefits are pretty amazing. After 3 months my flight benefits kick in. Again I don't know all the details yet, but at a high level I get 50% -90% off flights depending on the circumstances. I see even more travel in our future! :)
More to come as I get started!


  1. How exciting! ...and bonus to be connected with the airlines!

  2. Thanks Kim - I am really excited to get started (and off the couch). And it sounds like Etihad will be a great and stable company to work for over here.