Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wine Tasting in Lanzarote

No, I STILL haven't shared all our adventures while we were on vacation in Lanzarote, Spain - one of the Canary Islands. :) One afternoon we went in search of vineyards. I had read about a wine museum attached to the El Griffo winery so off we went to find it.

We got there in late afternoon and decided upon closer inspection to forego the wine museum. I mean really, what's there to see except some rotting old wood that used to be wine barrels? We were much more interested in tasting wines, so that's what we did. Got a nice little wine and cheese plate and sat out in their little courtyard to relax. A very rough day indeed!

 This is the exterior of the winery/museum. A really cute little place and well run and organized. They had a nice bar where you could taste the wines and offered a wine tasting and cheese plate with some local cheeses. Very well done.

 We got to try 5 wines and choose between 3 reds, 3 whites and a dessert wine. We selected the 3 reds and 2 of the whites. The reds were very interesting, but not really our taste, but the whites were excellent. We ended up taking a bottle of their Semillon blanc back to the resort with us.

 This is a shot of the vineyards. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you'll see the plants here are protected from the wind by a stone wall. In some of the other vineyards, they made the windscreen walls in a semi circle and planted the vines in the middle. Interesting what they need to do to combat the winds here.

Yes, we were facing the wrong way, but that's all I could get without driving back around to get a photo from the front. :)

We did visit some other vineyards on a different day, but El Griffo was by far the nicest (and the only one with wine we would drink again). Here are some photos from Bodegas Rubicon - another nice location and wine tasting room, but we didn't care for the wines at all.

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