Friday, August 26, 2011

Tenerife Sunday Market

We're about to head out on another vacation next week, so I figured I'd better finish up my posts about Lanzarote! :) (yes, ANOTHER vacation - it's a burden we must bear. :)

There isn't a lot to do in Lanzarote as the goal is sun, sand and swimming, so even though Brian would prefer a root canal to shopping, I convinced him to check out the Sunday market in Tenerife. I pictured quaint little stalls with Spanish handicrafts and fun food ... yeah, that's right, it was nothing like that at all. :) The drive was pretty, however, and we did get a small taste of life on Lanzarote, which is primarily aimed at getting tourists to buy junk at high prices.

We found Tenerife without too much trouble, which is saying something as we got slightly lost almost every time we got in the car. We had a map, but sometimes the roads we were driving on weren't listed on the map and sometimes the map showed a road that we couldn't find in the real world, so navigation was a bit challenging. Luckily, it's a fairly small island so getting really lost is hardly possible.

We parked and headed off to the market, which felt a bit like the Madison Farmer's market if it were held in the Wisconsin Dells, didn't sell any local food or produce and wasn't as logically laid out. ;) Here are a few photos.
Start of the market - there were some nice little cafes here.
Mobs of people! 
This guy was from Senegal, West Africa! Brian said hello in wolof, which surprised and amused him.
Much to my disappointment, we didn't find a single souvenir worth buying here and ended up with only a bag of State Fair doughnuts. We had some lunch at one of the little cafes like in the first photo and then headed back to the resort ... the long way so we could see some more of the island. Here are a few photos from our scenic drive back to Puerto del Carmen.

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