Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ramadan Ramblings: City Lights

Much like Christmas back home, the city dresses up for Ramadan. I haven't seen many lights in houses or apartments, but the Corniche area and some of the bridges are all dolled up. It's very possible that Emiratis put up lights too, I just don't have access to see what they've done.

The lights in Abu Dhabi along the Corniche road and along many of the main bridges are sponsored and designed through an initiative by Abu Dhabi city's marketing and corporate communication office. According to a recent news article, the lights cost 500,000 dirham (about $136,000), took 2 weeks to put together, consist of energy efficient LED lights, and (my favorite fact) are waterproof. Why we need waterproof lights in a city that sees rain about 3 times per year is beyond me, but funny that they made sure to mention this fact.

In any case, they are very pretty and we tried to capture a few good shots of them on our drive along the Corniche one evening.

No, there aren't any Ramadan lights in this picture, but I just thought it turned out really nice and was taken on the same trip, so here you are. :)

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