Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stormy Weather

Today I got my first up close and personal view of an Arabian sand storm, and it really wasn't that fun. I had plans to meet some new friends downtown for lunch so headed out around 10:30 to catch the bus. My first clue was how overcast the sky was when I stepped outside. It was gray like it was going to rain, but just couldn't. It also looked really dusty - almost like smoke or fog. And it was windy, but not outrageously so. I walked out of the compound onto the road and started heading to the bus stop and that's when the wind picked up. It was windy that's for sure, and pretty annoying, but the worst part was all the dust, sand and grit in the wind. Within a few minutes, I felt like I was covered in grit and the fine sheen of sweat due to the temperature didn't help the situation any. And darn it, I was wearing lip gloss again! I waited a little more than 20 minutes for the bus to arrive and the wind and sand storm continued that whole time. By the time I reached my destination, it had calmed down and while still windy, not nearly so much as earlier and it wasn't picking up the dust and sand. So, the fun news is that I now know what a sand storm is like, and the not-so-fun news is that I need another shower. ;)

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