Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lebanon - The Cedars

After our visit to the Gibran museum, we continued North to an area in the mountains known as the Cedars and even a bit further in to the ski resort area. These cedars are some of the oldest trees in the world, many of them hundreds of years old. The grove of trees is surrounded by a number of little tourist shacks selling all kinds of wood carvings, local crafts and honey (yum!). We stopped to pick up some honey for Libby and the shop owner made Brian and I a present - a cedar keychain with our names and the date - cute. It was probably low 40s on this day and the shop keepers were all wearing snowpants and heavy coats. Brian and I were just happy not to be sweating! :) Here are a couple of nice shots of the center of 'town' and the huge cedar tree in its middle.

A bit further north is the ski resort area. The slopes had shut down a few weeks earlier, but there was still actually a little bit of snow on the ground - just enough for two homesick Wisconsinites. Here are a few pics of the ski slopes. Note Eli in a coat and Brian and I with just a long sleeve shirt and light sweater.

After visiting the snow, we headed back down the mountains for some lunch. Here are a few pics on our way back.

It was a gorgeous drive and was interesting to see the variety of the countryside. Next it was time for some lunch and a tour of Byblos.

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