Friday, April 29, 2011

Lebanon - Easter Sunday Dinner

Our Lebanese adventure culminated with Easter Dinner with Eli & Libby's family and friends. Libby cooked for approximately 40 of us and it was a delicious dinner. She had a huge ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salads, a pineapple dish that was devoured quickly because it was so good, roasted vegetables and some fantastic desserts! In addition, Eli is a wine connoisseur so there was lots of great Lebanese wine as well. It actually felt a lot like an Easter at Mom Stoll's with lots of good food, good conversation, and fun. After lunch, one of the women sat down at the piano and the singing began. Actually, Libby told me later that it was a fairly calm event as often the singing progresses into dancing. We felt pretty honored to be part of the group and had a fabulous time.

The only real upset of the day was that Libby's oven exploded. Yep, not even exaggerating, it exploded! We had actually just walked in the door with Eli, who picked us up at our hotel, and saw glass all over the kitchen floor. Someone then explained that the outside glass of the over door simply exploded all over the kitchen! Luckily, no one was hurt and nothing was in the oven at the time. In fact, that what we all found so funny - the oven was off and had been off for a while as they were finished cooking. Weird. On the bright side, Libby is thrilled that she'll now get to shop for a new oven! :)

Easter celebrations seem pretty similar to what we'd have back home. Church service in the morning (we didn't attend, but others had) and family gatherings in the afternoon. Lebanon also celebrates Easter Monday, which is another day off work. The joke is that between the Muslim holidays, the Orthodox Christian holidays and the Catholic Christian holidays, there aren't many days left to actually work! (sounds good to me ;)

It was great to be able to celebrate the holiday with such generous friends! Thank you Eli & Libby for the fantastic weekend!! 

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