Friday, February 11, 2011

Lost in the Desert

Well, our plan was to venture out to see the camel races and after studying the map for at least 20 minutes, I thought I knew where we were going. Unfortunately, I didn't and without a decent map and no signs (like the website said there was supposed to be) we got lost. Well, not exactly lost, but not where we wanted to be. I will say the desert is actually rather pretty, just not for 3 hours. (sigh)

What we had hoped to see were the camel races that happen in the winter season in UAE. The race supposedly lasts 3 hours and has about 50 camels. There are no longer any human jockeys as they were outlawed because owners were using children. Instead, they have electronic jockeys that the owners run by remote control from their 4x4s that follow the camels around the track. I know, would have been pretty cool to see this, don't you think? (sigh)

The one bright spot of the day is that we went to Friday brunch at the Crowne Plaza - what a feast! Similar to big Sunday brunches in the states, this was a huge buffet of Indian, Arabic and Asian dishes (no omelet station here), a large salad bar with some excellent cheeses and breads and a dessert area with a chocolate fountain. Because it was in a hotel, they also served champagne and the speciality of the restaurant, which was different kinds of mojitos. They also had live music, which was pretty good. We stuffed ourselves silly and then sat in the car for hours trying to find the camels. (sigh)

Maybe we'll try again next weekend.

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